Kid Raptor (born June 8, 2006 in Toronto, Ontario) is a 6-yr-old bright and talented young boy who strives to make it to the NBA in the hopes to maybe one day play for the Toronto Raptors.  In the meantime, Kid Raptor seeks to pursue a career in acting, modeling and music while continuing to participate in all sports programs.

Professional career


Since the age of 3, Kid Raptor has been sharing his Raptors post-game reports every morning, Monday through Friday, after each Toronto Raptor game on the ROZ & MOCHA SHOW for KiSS 92.5 FM.


Kid Raptor has made several appearances as a guest on the TV show "RAPTORSPACE" also making his debut as co-host alongside Akil Augustine for the "Best Plays of the Year 2010" episode.


Kid Raptor has also modeled for Sears and Wal-Mart appearing regularly in ads, flyers and brochures.

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